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chua tu thuyen

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*** Please only sign the petition. DO NOT give any money.  S’il vous plaît, seulement signez la pétition. NE donnez pas d’argent .  Lam on ky ten ung ho la du roi.  Dung goi tien ban nhe. ***

Dear friends and supporters,  The goal to collect 5000 names/signatures is to support the temple construction committee members at the hearing in March 2016.   Having 5000 people behind us will show the city that it is very just to allow the extension of completion date beyond April 2016. The core reason is:

The city granted the approval in October 2015 with the deadline to complete the construction and all landscaping by April 30, 2016.

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With the looming deadline, our critical plan is to get the construction completed, however, we are requesting for an extension to complete the project due to the following reasons:
1. inclement weather is a challenge for construction workers to precisely carry out their tasks;

  2. landscaping (grass sodding, trees and flowers) require the right temperature.

Without the extension when the permit expires on April 30, 2016, the City can shut down the construction because of city by-law and zoning.

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Without the support of 5000 people (Vietnamese and non Vietnamese)  and without the extension when the permit expires on April 30, 2016, the City will shut down the construction first then shut down the temple because of city by-law and zoning.

In addition, the temple construction committee consists of volunteer members only.  They have to take time off from their fulltime job to attend the hearing.  Thus, with 5000 signatures will definitely help to obtain the extension on the hearing date without any delays

Note that the collection of your email and phone number is for the purpose of supporting the monastery (temple) at the hearing only.  We will not use them for any other purposes.

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This letter and my signature below signifies my support for Tu Thuyen Ni Tu Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Canada (Chùa Từ Thuyền) proposed Meditation Hall project, with the target completion of summer 2016. The proposed Meditation Hall will greatly benefit the community at-large as well as the Vietnamese community in Brampton.

It is our understanding, the Meditation Hall will provide a proper facility for the delivering of mediation, practicing mindfulness and stress management to members and other communities’ members. We believe the Meditation Hall will enhance the association’s ability to provide community support to charity and disaster relief activities.  We also understand the Meditation Hall will be used to advance the education of and fulfill the social and spiritual guidance needs of five thousand Vietnamese plus other ethnic groups in Brampton. Currently the community members have to travel to other facilities in the GTA for these services; this adds to the burden of those facilities as well as posing difficulties to the members, especially those who need the services and cannot easily travel to other area facilities.

As a further note, the unique architecture and landscape will enhance the multicultural and diversity environment of the City of Brampton.


We appreciate your support to this petition.

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